GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4

GoDogGo Fetch Machine Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs
GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4
GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4
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Product Description
GoDogGo plays automatic, on demand fetch with Small to Large Dogs with SMALL-LARGE BALLS (tennis, rubber, racquet, Chuckit, Kong, etc.)

Works with Various Ball Sizes, Styles, Materials, Brands. GoDogGo Fetch Machine is designed with many features, including a safety arc, to offer the safest, most fun independent or owner-controlled game of fetch for ball-crazy dogs.

World's First Fetch Machine & Original Award Winning Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs since 1999.

GoDogGo G4 is the next generation Fetch Machine with new 4sec launch, Ergo Bucket & Universal Adapter.

NEW-3 TIME SETTINGS: 4,7 & 15 seconds for an even faster game of fetch to meet your dog's perfect rate of retrieval.

NEW-Wide Mouth ERGO Bucket: Modern ergonomic bucket designed for dogs independent, interactive fetch w/wider lip for easy, comfortable transport.

3 DISTANCE SETTINGS: LOW MED HIGH settings to meet different size fetch areas; 12-45+ft depending on ball style & size.

SAFETY SENSOR w/AUTO-STOP: Powers up On Demand, operates only when ball in ready position, keeps motor from running continuously & dog safe .

SAFETY ARC: LAUNCH PATTERN has an upward & out arc for safest game of automatic dog fetch & dog safety while awaiting ball launch.

BALL SIZE/STYLE: Works with MANY Ball types 1.75-2.5" in various styles, brands, materials; Chuckit, racquet balls, Kong, Penn/Wilson tennis balls, dog tennis balls & more.

MULTI USE: 1-25 ball use for independent automatic fetch or owner-controlled launch w/remote.

DOG SIZE: Small-Large ball-crazy dogs love GoDogGo.

NEW-POWER SOURCE: 110-240 Switching Adapter for use in different countries. Operates on AC & Battery Power.

REMOTE CONTROL: 75' range; GoDogGo works WITH/WITHOUT remote.

INCLUDES: •3x2.5" Tennis Balls (other sizes/styles available & can be used) •Remote Control •AC Adapter •Owner's Manual •6-Month Warranty •30 Day Return Policy •Highly Recognized Customer Service & Support Team.

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Get Your Dog's Fetch On with GoDogGo!
GoDogGo is the World's First Fetch Machine & Award Winning Automatic Dog Ball Launcher - Thrower. Keeping Ball-Crazy Dogs Happy & Healthy since 1999.