GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4

GoDogGo Fetch Machine Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs
GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4
GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4
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Product Description
World's First Fetch Machine & Original, Award Winning Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs since 1999 - GoDogGo Fetch Machine.

NEW 4th Generation GoDogGo G4 now with 4 sec launch for even faster game of automatic fetch.

Designed specifically to play fetch with dogs with many features for safest game of automatic fetch ever! GoDogGo works with many DIFFERENT BALL sizes, styles, materials, brands, materials for different size dogs.

NEW-3 TIME SETTINGS: 4,7 & 15 seconds for an even faster game of fetch to meet your dog's perfect rate of retrieval.

NEW-Wide Mouth ERGO Bucket: Modern ergonomic bucket designed for dogs independent, interactive fetch w/wider lip for easy, comfortable transport.

3 DISTANCE SETTINGS: LOW MED HIGH settings to meet different size fetch areas; 12-45+ft depending on ball style & size.

SAFETY SENSOR w/AUTO-STOP: Powers up On Demand, operates only when ball in ready position, keeps motor from running continuously & dog safe .

SAFETY ARC: LAUNCH PATTERN has an upward & out arc for safest game of automatic dog fetch & dog safety while awaiting ball launch.

BALL SIZE/STYLE: Works with MANY Ball types 1.75-2.5" in various styles, brands, materials; Chuckit, racquet balls, Kong, Penn/Wilson tennis balls, dog tennis balls & more.

MULTI USE: 1-25 ball use for independent automatic fetch or owner-controlled launch w/remote.

DOG SIZE: Small-Large ball-crazy dogs love GoDogGo.

NEW-POWER SOURCE: 110-240 Switching Adapter for use in different countries. AC or Battery Power.

REMOTE CONTROL: 75' range; GoDogGo works WITH/WITHOUT remote.

INCLUDES: •3x2.5" Tennis Balls (other sizes/styles available & can be used) •Remote Control •AC Adapter •Owner's Manual •6-Month Warranty •30 Day Return Policy •Highly Recognized Customer Service & Support Team.

Get Your Dog's Fetch On with GoDogGo!
GoDogGo is the World's Original Fetch Machine & Award Winning Automatic Dog Ball Launcher - Keeping Dogs Happy & Healthy since 1999.