GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine

FetchBall Low Pressure
FetchBall Tennis Ball - SMALL
FetchBall Tennis Ball - SMALL
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Product Description
GoDogGo FetchBall is a low pressure dog tennis ball for fetch fun & healthy exercise.

SMALL 1.8" - FetchBalls come in set of 6.

GoDogGo Fetch Balls are tennis balls designed just for GoDogGo Fetch Machine AND Dogs!

Non-toxic with a low, non-wool nap.

GoDogGo® FetchBall may soon become your dogs new favorite ball!

GoDogGo® works with various ball sizes* 1.75" to 2.5" for SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGR DOGS. G3 Fetch Machine works with other ball styles such as Chuckit Ultra Rubber Ball, Racquet Balls, Spauldeen HIgh Bounce Rubber Ball, HyperPet balls & many more. *Note that various balls yield different distances; please see the GoDogGo G3 page for more ball examples with distances.

GoDogGo FetchBall is the perfect ball to fill GoDogGo Fetch Machine! Non-toxic tennis ball with low nap felt make the FetchBall the perfect addition to your dog's fetch time & favorite dog toy!

Ships via UPS when ordered WITH GoDogGo Fetch Machine ball thrower for dogs. Ships via US POSTAL SERVICE when ordered SEPARATELY.
GoDogGo is the World's First Fetch Machine & Award Winning Automatic Dog Ball Launcher - Thrower. Keeping Ball-Crazy Dogs Happy & Healthy since 1999.