GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine

FetchBall Low Pressure
GoDogGo Standard Dog Tennis Ball
GoDogGo Standard Dog Tennis Ball
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Product Description

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GoDogGo FetchBall is a low pressure dog tennis ball for fetch fun & healthy exercise.

LARGE 2.5" FetchBalls come in set of 3.
SMALL 1.8" FetchBalls come in set of 6.

1. Select the CORRECT SIZE above & "Add to Cart"
2. Once in the "Shopping Cart" select the number of sets:
MEDIUM = 3 balls per set / SMALL = 6 balls pet set

GoDogGo Fetch Balls are tennis balls designed just for GoDogGo Fetch Machine AND Dogs! Non-toxic with a low, non-wool nap.

GoDogGo® FetchBall may soon become your dogs new favorite ball!

GoDogGo® works with various ball sizes* 1.75" to 2.5" for SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGR DOGS. G3 Fetch Machine works with other ball styles such as Chuckit Ultra Rubber Ball, Racquet Balls, Spauldeen HIgh Bounce Rubber Ball, HyperPet balls & many more. *Note that various balls yield different distances; please see the GoDogGo G3 page for more ball examples with distances.

GoDogGo FetchBall is the perfect ball to fill GoDogGo Fetch Machine! Non-toxic tennis ball with low nap felt make the FetchBall the perfect addition to your dog's fetch time & favorite dog toy!

Ships via UPS when ordered WITH GoDogGo Fetch Machine ball thrower for dogs. Ships via US POSTAL SERVICE when ordered SEPARATELY. Ships within 1 day with the exception of holiday and weekend orders. NOTE: All product ships from WA State.
GoDogGo is the World's First Fetch Machine & Award Winning Automatic Dog Ball Launcher - Thrower. Keeping Ball-Crazy Dogs Happy & Healthy since 1999.