GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine

SuperFetch Ball - 2.2"
SuperFetch Ball - SPORT 2.2
SuperFetch Ball - SPORT 2.2
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Product Description
SuperFetch Balls are high performance, high bounce, all natural Rubber Balls. Designed & formulated for use with GoDogGo Fetch Machine to achieve a longer game of automatic fetch. SPORT size Super Fetch Ball has a launch distance to 60 feet before bounce. The SuperFetch ball is the perfect match for the most active ball-crazy fetch dog.

•Long Launch distance up to 60+ feet •High-Bounce •Long Launch Distance •Non-toxic natural rubber •Not for use as a chew toy •Compatible with GoDogGo Fetch Machine, the World's First Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs.

Keeping ball-crazy dogs happy since 1999!
GoDogGo is the World's First Fetch Machine & Award Winning Automatic Dog Ball Launcher - Thrower. Keeping Ball-Crazy Dogs Happy & Healthy since 1999.